Kyusho Ferry Co., Ltd.

Kyusho Ferry: Connecting Nagasaki Prefecture (Shimabara City) with Kumamoto Prefecture (Kumamoto City) in 60 minutes.

Reservation Center

Reservations for vehicles can be made up to one month in advance, up until the day before departure.
*Vehicle reservations cannot be made during peak passenger periods (Golden Week holiday period in early May, etc.). Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

■Regular schedule
Departing Kumamoto Port Ferry # Departing Shimabara Port
7:00 1 7:10
8:30 2 8:35
9:55 3 9:40
11:00 4 11:10
12:25 5 12:20
13:40 6 13:40
15:15 7 14:50
16:05 8 16:25
17:40 9 17:50
On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays between April and December, ferry #10 departing from Shimabara leaves at 19:05.

■Alternate schedule (if one ferry is out of service)
Running periods (planned): December 5-16
Departing Kumamoto Port Ferry # Departing Shimabara Port
8:30 1 7:10
11:00 2 9:40
13:40 3 12:20
16:05 4 14:50
19:10 5 17:50
■Vehicle transport fare table
Type Fare
Vehicle Under 3m ¥2,750
3m or over, under 4m ¥3,030
4m or over, under 5m ¥3,690
5m or over, under 6m ¥4,830
*The above vehicle fares include second class passage for 1 person (driver).
■Passenger fare table
Type Adult Child
Second class room ¥890 ¥450
*For children of age 1 or over but under 6 years old, one child is free with an accompanying adult. A child fare is charged for each additional child (does not apply to groups).
*If a child of age 1 or over but under 6 years old rides alone, we charge a single child fare.
*Fares shown are current as of February 1, 2016.
Please understand that fare rates are subject to change.

The Kyusho Ferry connects Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture with Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu region of Japan via a 60-minute ferry ride.

Seagull feeding is available from the start of November to the end of March.
To Shimabara Outer Port
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